Parking Permit/Placard

PARKING PERMIT I AGREE TO HAVE ALL VEHICLE’S THAT WILL BE PARKED AT THIS FACILITY STICKER-ED. I UNDERSTAND THAT VEHICLES THAT ARE NOT STICKER-ED OR REGISTERED WILL BE TOWED AT MY EXPENSE, EVEN IF MY MONTHLY FEE’S ARE PAID UP. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE STICKER POLICY. I AGREE TO PAY A $1000.00 FINE FOR LITTERING OR FOR ANY DUMPING OF TRASH, TIRES, PARTS, OR ANY OTHER GARBAGE ON THE GROUNDS OF THE FACILITY OR IN DUMPSTER, OR UNAUTHORIZED REPAIRS. I WILL CARRY MY TRASH OUT WITH ME. I WILL NOT GIVE GATE CODE TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON LISTED IN MY CONTRACT. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE. I WILL CARRY MY OWN INSURANCE FOR MY UNIT. I WILL KEEP THIS INFORMATION ON FILE AT ALL TIMES… IF I DAMAGE PROPERTY IN THE FACILITY, I WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE. I WILL NOT HOLD FACILITY LANDLORD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED TO MY PROPERTY.   TENANT Must Submit Copy of TENANT/TENANT’s License, Registration, Title, and Insurance of each Unit Stored in this Lot.   Unit Parking Unit Description:   Make: __________________ Model: ____________________   Color: ___________ Length: _____ Year: _______   License Plate #__________ State: _____ VIN # ________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sticker# _____________   Make: __________________ Model: _____________________   Color: _________________ Length: _________ Year: ________   License Plate #__________ State: _____ VIN # _______________ Sticker# ___________ Drive-Away or Personal Vehicle Left on Property ONLY if Applies Make: ______________ Model: _______________Color: ______   Year: __________ License Plate # _______________ State: ____   Vehicle VIN # _________________________ Sticker# ________ I SIGN THIS STATEMENT ON MY OWN FREE WILL & I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS SIGNED STATEMENT.   TENANT’s Signature_____________________________________  Date: __________   Agent’s Signature_______________________________________ Date: ________

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